Government set to standardise cigarette packets


ciggies picMPs have voted in favour for UK cigarette packets to be standardised. They aim to further reduce the uptake of smoking among young people.


The government first proposed the changes to packaging in 2011, after a review by leading paediatrician Sir Cyril Chantler, He suggested that even if these changes only directly affected 2% of Britains 18-24’s, this could still mean 2000 people who won’t smoke.

Australia and Northern Ireland having already put these regulations in place in 2012 and early 2015 respectively. In Australia, however it appears that while there has been an increase in callers to ‘quit-smoking’ lines, it has been minimal, and barely worth mentioning. Yet when taking into consideration that every day 600 children between the ages of 11 and 15 take up smoking, it shows the seriousness of the issue.

gross cigarette picture

The governments plans will go into effect from 2016, when every cigarette packet will look the same – bar the brand name – and will show graphic images of the health effects of smoking. Health campaigners have said they are ‘delighted’ with the move by parliament, yet it seems the public of Nottingham feels slightly different.


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