Dominos’ human billboards banned in Nottingham

CBJ Video Project RENAME.00_00_10_17.Still001Human billboards used to advertise Dominos pizza have been banned by Nottingham City council after they were said to be degrading to staff.

The wobble boards had become a familiar sight on the streets of Nottingham. However, the city council had raised concerns over the ‘mobile advertising’ with staff standing at particularly busy highways where they posed a distraction towards drivers.

The Chief licensing, trading standards and anti social behaviour officer, Richard Antcliff, expressed his joy at the decision via twitter:

 “Dominos pizza have agreed to pull their human mobile ad campaign in Nottinghamshire from tomorrow. Really positive outcome & understanding.”

In a statement Domino’s said:

“We have now come to the end of our marketing campaign in Nottingham and will no longer be using our wobble boarders.”

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