Alcohol and Drug Problems In Nottingham with St Patricks Day

AlcoholWith St Patrick’s day arriving, the heavy promotion
of alcohol can bring back troublesome memories
and even re-spark past drug and drink problems

“There’s a can here… I need that as daily bread” John Doe says as he stares at a can of lager with a trembling, unheard voice in the bustling streets.

Alcohol can be a pleasure for some but for others it is seen as the golden gate to escape their problems, when this happens an addiction is formed and alcohol begins to become misused.

We carried out a survey in Nottingham
and the majority of people we spoke to said they knew somebody who has had either a problem with alcohol or a problem with drugs, with a large amount of them also not knowing who they should turn to, if they needed to seek help for themselves or others.


There are few organisations within Nottingham that offer support for those who have drug or drink problems including; Double Impact, Nottingham Healthwatch, and Apassobar-for-web.

According to the Double Impact website ‘Recovering from dependence on drugs or alcohol is a long term process which requires a person to rebuild their lives from scratch.’ Their café Sobar in Nottingham is proving popular among people who want to avoid alcohol.

Along with these charities a group of Year 10 Ashfield school students have been praised after producing an awareness-raising campaign aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and challenging the social acceptability of alcohol.

It is expected that in future elements from them will be used by those organising and delivering work with young people relating to alcohol.

“Aggression, creation of arguments, irrational behaviour” these are just a few of the social impacts from excessive amounts of drinking according to Peter Hurd, Apas.

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