Feel ‘U’ Check in Nottingham are encouraging you to ‘cop a feel’

Feel U Check ThumbnailNottingham youngsters are aiming to raise awareness and educate people on how to check for breast cancer, particularly targeting universities.


Feel ‘U’ Check are a group of young people in Nottingham campaigning to raise awareness and educate people on how to check their breasts for signs of cancer.

The group of six studying health and social care at Nottingham Trent University launched the campaign to get teenagers and young adults to look out for signs of breast, testicular and skin cancer.

Holly Pettifor and Gabrielle Floodgate explain what the campaign is for.

With seven young people being diagnosed with cancer in the UK every day, Alison Hall, MacMillan cancer information specialist says why they are targeting university students.

The stall included free cakes and leaflets, with demonstrations as to how and why you need to check your breasts.

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Hollie Pettifor goes on to say what sparked off this idea;

‘During the freshers week there were people giving away free tanning sessions in sunbeds in local shops. We thought that maybe people might get addicted to it then thinking that ‘oh it’s actually really cheap, they’re doing student discount’ so we wanted people to realise there’s actually a much safer alternative to going on a sunbed every week.’

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