Nottingham to plunge into darkness on March 20th.

EclipseNottingham will be plunged into darkness in two weeks time with an upcoming solar eclipse. The last time the city experienced this event was 16 years ago, where the moon covered the sun..

Nottingham experienced a solar eclipse back in 1999, where the moon crossed the path of the sun, blocking the light completely, otherwise known as a total solar eclipse.

Even though the city came to a halt to watch the celestial event, it was obscured by cloud.

Path of solar eclipse latter this month

Path of solar eclipse later this month

On March 20th 2015, the city once again will be plunged into a twilight darkness when the moon will once again pass across the light of the sun.

However because the  area of totality will be experienced around Norway and Greenland, Nottingham will not see a full total eclipse.

Tom Williams, a Physics and Cosmology student at Nottingham Trent University, remembers the previous total eclipse from 1999.




Annular Eclipse seen from Beijing 2010

From where Nottingham’s position is in relation to the path of totality, the city will see a 90-95 per cent eclipse. This will still be enough to see a significant decrease in light.

Stephen Flood, a retired Meteorologist for the United States has seen numerous eclipses in the US, and the eclipse in 1999. He explains how much light the city could potentially loose.

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