Golfers prepare to tee off in the dark at Edwalton Golf Centre

Glow-IN-The-Dark-GolfGlow in the dark golf will be taking place in Nottingham next week at Edwalton Golf Centre as a way of encouraging younger people to get more involved with the sport.

Up to 36 players could be taking part in Friday’s game which would regularly take 90 minutes to complete, however it’s anticipated that it could take an hour longer due to visibility restrictions.

The Golf Centre believes that night golf could be a way of encouraging younger people to get involved with the sport and shake off the reputation that golf has as being an activity for older, retired men.

Richard Jefferies a member at Edwalton Golf Centre believes this could be a successful way for more people to play after work.

“Especially with the hours that young people work, night golf could be the perfect way for them to relax in the evening. It could also help promote the club as they will have longer open hours.”

Tom Williams part of the staff at Edwalton Golf Course has explained the plans for the evening”

“The competition will work with glow sticks lining the course and some being put inside the balls to leave an 8 hour effect.  Any lost balls shouldn’t be too hard to find due to the florescent glow they’d have.”

Night Golf is taking place at Edwalton Golf Centre next Friday at 6:30PM.

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