Global Week at Nottingham Trent

global weekThe award winning Global Week celebrates culture and diversity across Nottingham Trent University, based across all three campuses.

Throughout the week each day will celebrate a different part of the world. The festival kicked off yesterday with the UK and Europe. This weeks themes will be followed by:

Today, Tuesday 3 March: Africa
Wednesday 3 March: Asia
Thursday 5 March: The Middle East
Friday 6 March: The Americas

Global week will see food, music, drama, dance and cinema inspired from all around the world.

Today’s agenda is celebrating various African traditions and there will be plenty of activities such as stalls and workshops, ranging from African hair dressing to Ghanaian art displays. A variety of stalls will be set up in the Newton Building on the City Site.

There will also be a fundraiser for a Uganda Children’s home from 11-1 at the Boots Library.

The full schedule for the week can be found on the Nottingham Trent University website, and the university encourages its student’s to join the celebration to broaden their knowledge about other cultures and help strengthen their commitment to internationalisation.

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