Nottingham Trent Students Union bans the sale of The Sun

The-sun-newspaper-logoNottingham Trent University’s students’ union has decided to stop selling The Sun newspaper in its shops,  following a union vote on Monday night.


This means that The Sun will no longer be sold at any SU shops across all three campuses. Campaigners will be relieved to hear this news after a turbulent experience with the paper.

Feminist protesters thought they had secured victory when The Sun newspaper appeared to stop printing photographs of topless models. However, this only lasted a few days.

In contrast, many people are now arguing that this is a move against freedom of speech and expression. As well as this, the students’ union still sells other newspapers that contain similar images and shop staff are yet to be told when The Sun will be taken off of the shelves.

This decision takes the total number of universities who have banned the newspaper past thirty.

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