Labour has revealed plans to cut tuition fees

School-feesEd Miliband has pledged to cut university tuition fees in England if he wins the general election. He believes it ‘has been a disaster’.

Tuition fees is a policy that many party’s oppose but the government implements – no matter who is in control.

milibandMr Miliband’s initial plans are to reduce the fees by a third from £9,000 to £6,000 if labour win in the general election in May.

Ed Miliband appeared in Leeds today to make a speech explaining to critics how the government would find money to pay for the reduction.

The new system Labour hopes will help fund and benefit students not just with overall debt but also student living costs.

The rising level of student debt is the main factor for the change and has been described as a ‘disaster for the future of Britain’. Currently students leave university with an average debt of £43,000. A lot of money before they even enter the working world.

Decreasing the fees would mean that the overall debt of university would not be as extensive to students as it is at the moment.

Universities however warn that limiting the fees to £6,000 per year would create a £10bn funding gap over the next five years, threatening the higher education system.

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