Nottingham Trent University holds 10-hour charity bike ride

CycleNottingham Trent University’s student union is home to two cyclists today as they attempt to cycle for 10 hours.  The charity ride started at nine o’clock this morning (Tuesday February 24).

Jim Buck and Bradley Doherty are cycling for Balls to Poverty, a national sports charity which helps young people steer away from gang activity, drugs and crime.

The organisation aims to bring sport to deprived and poverty stricken areas by providing communities with equipment and knowledge of different games such as football, tennis and rugby.

The charity has raised £15,000 already this year.

Both men are keen sports enthusiasts and know the importance of sport and the positivity it can bring into a community.

Jim Buck says he has witnessed the impact of the charity first hand.

“Providing deprived children and young people with sports equipment makes all the difference, it makes them feel part of something and has a positive effect on their lives. It enables them to have a freedom that’s safe and controlled rather than turning to crime because they’re bored or whatever,” he said.

The two men  aim to complete 160 miles by the end of the day and raise up to £500.

Donations can be made online at by supporting a member of the Balls for Poverty team.

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