Nottingham tram works have a negative effect on local businesses

Tram works from Nottingham city centre to Clifton have caused local businesses to lose trade and have added to traffic  problems on the A453 to the city centre.

The Phase Two tram extension to Clifton promises to create 8,000 local jobs, serve 20 out of the 30 largest employers in Greater Nottingham and boost the local economy by up to £300m per year. Nottingham Express Transit (NET) have a list of aims to benefit Clifton thanks to the new tram line.

Some traders in Clifton have seen a loss in sales and say that already it’s put strain on the community. John Barlow owner of ‘First for Pets’ on Southchurch Drive and says the tram works have been bad for business.

“Trade’s down about 70% for everybody really on the block, not just me. We’ve had 5 shops now close…it’s awful.”

The Phase Two tram extension has increased Nottingham’s tram network by more than double and NET say it will provide thousands  of local jobs and parking spaces near park and ride sites.

Clifton shop owners have suffered during the construction time, and traffic into the city centre has also been disrupted by the project. The traffic into Nottingham city centre has been made worse with the widening of the A453 also taking place near Clifton which is due to be completed by September 2015.

Matthew Culver the Operator from Nottingham Express Transit (NET) believes the benefits of the new Clifton tram line will outweigh the negatives that the local area has experienced as a result of the disruption.

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