Nottingham band celebrates airplay on BBC Radio 1 with signature Ale

It is setting out to be a brilliant Feb-brew-ary for Nottingham synthpop duo April Towers. The act is celebrating its single being played on BBC Radio One by having a beer brewed in its name.

Life is getting ‘bitter’ all the time for Nottingham musicians April Towers Charlie Burley and Alex Noble who, since uploaded their new single, Arcadia, on the ‘BBC Radio One introducing…’ site, have recently gained national recognition.

Within just over an hour the song was getting played by Fearne Cotton on her show .

And to celebrate their success the twosome contacted Castle Rock Brewery to ask if it would brew a beer in their name to distribute to their growing army of fans.

The order, which started off as a single case of ale called No Corruption, the name of their single, rapidly expanded as the drink is now being sold in several bars across the city.

The beer is currently being served in two places, the Saltwater bar in Nottingham’s Corner House and The Plough in Wysall, which is Charlie’s local.

Alex from the band explains where the idea to launch a beer came from:

So with both a spot on Radio One’s playlist and a beer to their name, is there any stopping April Towers now? It doesn’t look like it.

To find out more about April Towers you can follow them on Twitter, or drop into Saltwater or The Plough for a drink.

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