‘Minor’ parties in Nottingham could make major differences in upcoming General Elections

john-lamport-wordpressNottingham resident, John Lamport will be standing in the General Elections for the National Health Action Party, a party set up just two years ago.

This year’s upcoming General and Local elections are looking to be exciting as more ‘minor’ parties are becoming popular across the country. With growing support for political parties such as UKIP and the Greens, the UK is set for a major shake up come May 7.

The National Health Action Party is hoping to make an impact in its first General Election campaign. Resident, John Lamport just found out on Tuesday that he will be running for MP in Nottingham East.

Mr Lamport, will be running against Garry Hickton (Conservative), Chris Leslie (Labour), Fran Loi (UKIP), Antonia Zenkevitch (Green) and Tad Jones (Liberal Democrat).

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