Nottinghamshire County Council criticised over lack of road grit

M62_Motorway_at_Wholestone_Moor_Cut_-_geograph_org_uk_-_1651445A Nottinghamshire man who crashed his car under icy conditions has criticised the County Council for a lack of grit used on major roads this winter.

Twenty year old Daniel Simons from Long Eaton was travelling to Kirkby in Ashfield to visit his girlfriend on the evening of Boxing Day when he found himself struggling to cope with the wintery conditions on the M1.

After exiting the M1, he continued his journey into Kirkby in Ashfield where  he lost control of his car on one of the B-roads of the outskirts, subsequently crashed and damaging his front tyres.

‘I was driving into Kirkby in Ashfield, I went around a corner that was slightly up a hill and the car lost control and I drove into the pavement. I had to get people to push me up the hill because it wouldn’t start after that.’

Roads in and around Nottingham have been disrupted by the winter weather.

Roads in and around Nottingham have been disrupted by the winter weather.

Mr Simons says that although he can understand why the council hadn’t gritted the B-roads, he was amazed at the conditions he faced on the M1 and major routes such as the M1 and the A52.

‘The M1 was quite horrendous to be honest. I had to go at 35mph for the two junctions so obviously that took up time as well.’

In response, Nottinghamshire County Council have said that the conditions on this particular evening were not right for grit to be spread.  Councillor Kevin Greaves, chairman of the Council’s transport and highways committee, said ‘ The facts are that we did everything we could to deal with the heavy snowfall on boxing day night. Our crews reported for duty as soon as it became clear what the situation was and within 20 minutes were out on the roads.’

Councillor Greaves added ‘Grit isn’t magic dust- it needs vehicle movement to help activate it and mix it with the snow and on that night there were very few vehicles on the road’.

In anticipation of further snow and icy conditions in the coming weeks, the council is urging people to help clear paths and pavements, as explained in the Government’s Snow Code.

The County Council say they are better prepared than ever  this winter and are continuing to prioritise clearing main roads and public transport routes in order to help emergency services and those who need to make essential journeys.


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