Love Food Hate Waste aims to tackle waste at home.

kyanakumari-fish-curry_articleLove Food Hate Waste is a government backed group with the sole aim of helping people waste less food and save money doing so.

Based in Nottingham’s Long Row, they are touring the UK and visiting some of the countries biggest cities including Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham.

The group believe that they can help the general public waste less food and save money by showing them a wide variety of recipes that can be made from leftover food.

The government backed group WRAP, who started the Love Food campaign, has received wide spread support, most notably from celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty who have their own Channel 4 show “Friday Night Feast”, which aims to reduce food waste.

Love Food have been working with local authorities, small businesses and other chefs to try and achieve the best results for people who could benefit from some of their recipes.

Clover Hutson is a chef who works with Love Food and she believes that what the scheme is trying to achieve could really change how people look at food.

She also added that they have received a positive reaction from the general public,

“we’ve been doing this a long time, 8 or 9 years now, now it’s been going and it is sort of having quite a big impact-the publics reaction has been fantastic! You’re generally giving them food which they are always happy about”.

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