Burglaries in Nottinghamshire have more than halved

burglarBurglaries in Nottinghamshire have decreased by 51% in 5 years. Police are putting this down to the introduction of new technologies.

Reported burglaries in Nottinghamshire have reduced to 4,302 between September 2013 and September 2014, compared to the same period in 2009, latest figures show. The police say that this is due to the use of SmartWater, a forensic tool that leaves an invisible trace on doors, windows and other surfaces and can help police identify and track criminals. The introduction of this kind of forensic technology has helped to reduce the number of burglaries in the county. Police say another reason for the reduction is due to talking to students about home security as they are a target for thieves in the city. Officers are still urging residents to ensure that their homes are secure, as a third of houses were raided due to residents leaving their doors and windows open.

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