Burglaries in Nottinghamshire drop by half

untitledBurglaries in Nottinghamshire have fallen by 51% in the past five years but police say people are still falling victim by leaving their doors and windows unlocked.

Latest figures show that there has been 5000 fewer break-ins reported in Nottinghamshire from September 2013 to 2014. Police say they have been targeting the crime by marking homes with Smartwater and speaking to students, who are often an easy target.


Fiona Gray – Victim of burglary

Fiona Grey, 20, has been a victim of burglary three times

“It does make you feel a bit unsafe, but our landlord is going to put up a gate and fences. I still know people are out there so it does unnerve me.”

Around a third of all burglaries during the 5 year period were down to windows and doors being left open. Nottinghamshire’s Detective Chief Inspector, Rob Severn told CBJ news

“There are a number of ways to decrease the risk of burglary. Firstly make sure you keep all windows shut when you aren’t in a room or in the house, never leave your car keys by the front door or in a visible spot, also using a burglar alarm is a great way to deter burglars.”

Nottinghamshire resident, Natalie Fletcher still feels safe in her home even after being a victim of a break in

“The police have offered us lots of support and advice, along with free smart water to use on all of our valuables.”

Incidents of burglaries have declined, but do residents feel safe leaving their houses at night

Police in Nottinghamshire said that the figures are a good starting point but they urge people to take extra care when leaving their houses unattended.

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