Peacocks find valentines day love at Nottingham’s Newstead Abbey

A new whipeacockte Peacock has been brought into the Cloister Garden to encourage a little bit of romance between love birds this Valentines Day.

The Cloister Garden at Newstead Abbey has been home to Tracy, a white peahen since August after she was hatched from an egg bought over Ebay.

A perfect match for her has been found as three-year-old Spencer has been drafted in from a breeder in Worcestershire, despite the fact both of his parents came from America.

“I was nervous at first because Tracy had not seen another peacock since she hatched,” said Arthur Parkinson, gardener at the gardens. “Now they run around cleaning each other’s faces, which looks like they are kissing. When they do that you know they are getting on.”

It is hoped that Spencer’s arrival will trigger the start of a flock – or harem – of peacocks at this Nottinghamshire tourist hotspot.

“We are hopeful this love story will take a twist worthy of our Byron history.” – Jo Hunt commercial manager at Newstead Abbey.

The love birds are protected from dogs, cats and foxes, and they are thought to help encourage visitors to the stately home.

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