Number of empty shops in Nottingham plummets

nottingham shopsThe number of vacant shops in Nottingham has dropped by 30 per cent since February 2013, according to figures released.

Nottingham is ahead of its neighbouring cities within the East Midlands, with the number of vacant shop dropping

As well as this, the long term vacancy rates- shops empty for nearly four years has reduced by nearly 42 per cent within the past year.

The development of the Broadmarsh and Victoria Centre is one of the reason behind the huge improvement, as well as keeping Nottingham safe and clean, says the City Council.

Pop-Up Shops

Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Centre has been home to the largest falling vacancy rates, with pop up shops opening up in various units.

The City Council has said the development of the shopping centres, improvements to Nottingham’s castle and  the opening of the National Video-games Arcade has also been a factor  in the increase in shops. Representing Nottingham as a safe, clean, friendly city with plenty to offer. 

Independent shops are on the rise and are proving to be popular, especially Hockley’s recent opening of the new shopping arcade Cobden Chambers.

Alex Smith, owner of Ideas On Paper is one of the founder’s of the new independent shops, and thinks its a positive thing that more shops are opening in Nottingham and not shutting down.

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