LGBT history month: Tackling homophobic bullying in schools

Rainbow-flag2Events to raise awareness for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender history month are being held across Nottingham City Centre.

Events ranging from art exhibitions at libraries to guided ‘LGBT history month’ tours are happening throughout the month in Nottinghamshire, ending in an award ceremony where the Nottingham Rainbow Heritage will be rewarding those who have shown outstanding commitment to the community.

Awards will be handed out to

Yesterday, Nottingham City Council ceremonially raised a rainbow flag to show their ongoing support for the history month and the LGBT community.


The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Flag has been raised over the council house in the Old Market Square


The University of Nottingham has put on a great series of events, including film screenings, poem readings, public lectures, panel discussions and an examination into the life of Alan Turing.

David Edgeley, chairman of the Rainbow Heritage says it is mostly among youngsters and elderly that the most bullying and bad treatment occurs, as a result of their sexuality. It is for this reason that these groups are their main focus this year, as they are the ones that need the most aid.

Mr. Edgeley says various things are being done; not just during this month but throughout the year. The Rainbow Heritage has been commissioned by the Police Chief Crime Commissioner to put together a series of talks at various organisations to try and explain the extent of homophobic hatecrimes, and what the organisations can do to combat it. He also says he is glad that Ofsted is putting in so much effort this year to stop homophobic bullying, though he does not believe it will be as simple as holding a few press conferences.

Charlotte Howell, President of Nottingham Trent University’s Pride Society believes there should be more education in schools about Bisexual and Transgender sexual orientations, as these are barely represented in media. She does appreciate, however, the representation the Netflix original show ‘Orange is the New Black’ provides of various LGBT characters.

This year shows the first national festival of LGBT history, which is to be held in Manchester over Valentines weekend. The societies are all expecting a big turn out, and are hoping for it to continue for many years.

More information about the University of Nottingham’s events this month can be found on their LGBT blog.

Events set up by the council can be found on their ‘what’s on’ page.

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