Nottingham sees 67% rise in police complaints

policeWhether the standards of the police force are slipping or it’s become easier to file a complaint is unclear, but there’s been a 67% increase in complaints.

According to a report by the PCC, Nottingham has the third highest amount of police complaints in the country, following The City of London and Northumbria. The rise is way above the national average of 15 per cent.

Both the Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping and Nottinghamshire Police  have refused to comment.  However, according to a statement published on the police website they believe the rise is because they encourage people to step forward with any concerns.

“The increase in the number of complaints demonstrates the proactive work we have been doing to make the complaints process more accessible”

960 complaints were made altogether in Nottingham, with only 576 made the year before. One explanation for the increase could be that 97 per cent of police complaints have been recorded within 10 days in 2013-2014, in comparison to 94 per cent in the previous year.

Jeremy Stapleton from the Police Complaint Support Committee says it aims to create public awareness of their rights. As an example, during a stop and search process the police should provide a person with documentation of the event. The committee has also highlighted the time scale of how long it takes to process a complaint.

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