County Council plans to reduce bin size met with anger

9192813-largeNottinghamshire county council’s plan to reduce the size of its bins in one of its 58 money saving proposals has met with opposition from Conservative councillors.


The County Council’s plans to reduce bin sizes by 25% as part of budget cuts have come under fire.

The current ruling Labour group drew up 58 plans to save £30 million over the next three years which include increasing council tax, selling care homes, and reducing bin sizes from 240 to 180 litres.

The council said the cost of the new bins would be £6 million, but this would pay for itself in four years and then deliver annual savings. The council also stated that smaller bins could save them up to £1.5 million a year in landfill tax.

But a consultation on the plans showed 60 per cent of residents and councillors were against the idea.Conservative councillor Richard Butler said:

“It stands to reason that if bin sizes are reduced, then less waste can be collected from them, but this does not mean less waste is being produced. Rather, it means we could see a lot of overflowing dustbins.”

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