Two New Speed Cameras in Nottingham To Cost £275,000

Two speed cameras, costing almost £300,000 have been given the green light for Sherwood and Aspley by Nottingham City Council.

On Winchester Street in Sherwood there have been 32 accidents over the last ten years, nine of them serious collisions and one fatal. In Aspley, Bells Lane, since 2005 there have been 40 injuries with six deemed to be serious.

The camera on the A52 in Clifton Boulevard obtained almost £100,000 last year giving out almost 5,000 fines making it, what some have called, one of the most lucrative speed cameras in the country.

In a statement, Nottingham City Council said:

‘We have conducted extensive communication engagement events in the areas  surrounding both roads, delivered leaflets to gauge opinion and attended local meetings. As the road safety data showed that the number of injury crashes exceeded the criteria for installation of safety cameras then these were included as one of the possible options that could be considered. 65% of the responses from Winchester St and 77% from Bells Lane were either in favour or strongly in favour of installing safety cameras.’

However, not everyone is in favour of the speed cameras, saying they are a way for the council to make money off the residents. For driving School owner Elliott Davies safety is a top priority and he thinks that the welfare of those using the roads should be more important than the money people will have to pay in fines.

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