Nottingham MP’s vote yes to allow 3 parent babies

babyNottinghamshire’s MPs vote in favour for babies to be made from the DNA of 3 parents. It is hoped that this will prevent deadly genetic diseases being passed on.

In a free vote at the House of Commons on Tuesday, 382 MP’s were in favour and 128 against the technique that could prevent heart-breaking disasters during pregnancies.

Flawed mitochondria can cause degenerative genetic diseases which kill in infancy. Women carrying this gene can also miscarry repeatedly and are often faced with the devastating choice of whether it would be best to remain childless.

“Mitochondrial diseases  kills too many children” – Nottingham East Labour MP Chris Leslie

With the use of 3 parent DNA, it is hoped that almost 2,500 women throughout the UK will now have successful pregnancies and 150 babies a year are likely to be born using this technique.



The DNA of 2 parents will be combined with the healthy mitochondria of a donor woman. Mitochondria doesn’t affect characteristics so the baby wouldn’t look like the donor mother. For affected families, this is the only option for a healthy child.

Chris Leslie, Nottingham East Labour MP

Chris Leslie, Nottingham East Labour MP

Whilst this technique could be very useful, many are fearful of the safety of the procedure and how ethical it is. Nottingham East Labour MP Chris Leslie argued, “l will listen carefully to the debate – but I am minded to support changes where there is no evidence of the treatment being unsafe and where diseases can be avoided for children.”

It is predicted that the changes won’t come in until October.

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