Growth of Independent Businesses in Nottingham on the rise

aBusinesses in Nottingham City Centre have seen a 5% increase in the number of independent and specialist shops opening their doors this year.

Nottingham City Centre is aiming to ‘build strong partnerships and increase its economic competitiveness’ by opening up a number of independent businesses.

Figures show that since December 2014 the city have seen a 5% increase in the number of small companies opening up around the centre.

It’s Nottingham have compiled a website boasting the large range of new independent shops around the city. The company celebrate the specialist retailers, restaurants, bars and attractions making up the unique list of places to try.c.

One of the newest editions to the list is The Treat Kitchen.
The confectionery store opened its doors to the public last September and rocketed in popularity instantly. The shop beat off all competitors and had a very successful first Christmas but it hasn’t been without it’s troubles.

The shop has sold 1.2 tonnes of their home-made fudge since opening giving a clear indicator of how well this sweet shop is doing.

Cookie Shake is another independent retailer in the City but unlike The Treat Kitchen has been around for over 8 years. The cookie based shop opened in 2006 but Company Director, Ben Evans, explains it’s not always plain sailing for small companies.b.

‘We have tried to open up other chains and increase our brand, such as a shop in Birmingham and Leicester but it just didn’t work as well. Nottingham has good City links and very little happening in the surrounding villages, unlike Birmingham and Leicester which have other appealing attractions.’

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