Prince Harry to visit Nottingham

online-Prince Harry will visit Full Effect, a project working to improve opportunities for young people and reduce violence in St Anns, Nottingham later today.

The project is a two-part programme, working with both young people and children from primary schools in St. Ann’s to deter them from becoming involved in youth violence and gang related activities. It is supported by The Royal Foundation.

The programme aims to train a group of young people as youth leaders, providing them with formal qualifications and apprenticeships in mentoring and leadership, while at the same time supporting primary school children, who are at most risk of becoming involved in youth violence, by working with their schools and families.

Prince Harry shall visit a local primary school before attending the premiere screening of ‘Guillemot’, a 30 minute film produced by a group of young people in Nottingham. The film is based on the real life events of the young people involved in the project.

This is not Prince Harry’s first time in Nottingham as he has visited the project in St. Ann’s in both 2013 and 2014.

Full Effect is a project delivered by partner agencies including:

  • Latimer Group – a film and media enterprise working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They provide formal training and work experience alongside the opportunity to co-create broadcast quality films about the young people’s experiences.
  • EPIC Partners – a charity formed by the head teachers of primary schools in St. Ann’s and Sneinton that enables partnership programmes for local schools and the community to improve the lives of children and their families;
  • The Community Recording Studio – a music studio renowned for its work with hard to reach young people in St. Ann’s, encouraging them to develop new skills through music.

Having never met a member of royalty before, Emma Brown who is the project manager of Full Effect is very excited to meet Prince Harry. She is also looking forward to seeing the young people getting the recognition that they deserve.

A key component of the Full Effect project is to build a generation of aspirational young leaders in St. Ann’s, helping them create alternatives to gang culture and violence. Under the programme, young people receive training to acquire formal qualifications. They also have the opportunity to carry out internships and apprenticeships to give them a track record of work experience. It is hoped, in time, these young people will mentor and support future generations.

Under the programme, a group of young people have worked with the Latimer Group on a Young Leaders Film Course, during which they received training in Youth Leadership, Mentoring and a range of creative skills. As a result of this training, they have produced a film called ‘Guillemot’, which is a representation of their lives and experiences. They will also produce other short films to be shown in schools and community groups.

For more information visit Full Effect website or Twitter @WeAreFullEffect.

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