Complaints against police in Nottinghamshire on the rise

The Independent Police Complaints Commission says  there were nearly 1000 complaints against Nottinghamshire officers in 2013-14.

Annual figures showed there were 960 complaints recorded last year, in comparison to 576 that were made in 2012-13 – an increase of 67%.

The rise was well above the national average which stood at 15% with issues such as rudeness, neglect and assault being the main grievances. The IPPC ranked Nottinghamshire among the top ten for the amount of complaints, ahead of the likes of South Wales, Merseyside and Essex Police forces.

A total of 1,592 allegations were made against Nottinghamshire Police last year.

More than one allegation can be included in a complaint case and over 1,500 allegations were made against Nottinghamshire Police last year. Tabari Salmon, a student from Nottingham, complained about the police after being unhappy with the service he received following a 999 call earlier this year.

 “My house got burgled in April of this year. I phoned the police straight away but had to wait an hour and a half before they finally got here, even though I live in the middle of the city and the police station is literally down the road”

“Once they arrived I felt as though they didn’t believe me a thought that I staged the whole thing in an attempt to get a new laptop and watch. I complained because I don’t believe they did enough to find the culprit simply because they thought I was lying.”

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