Wheel of Nottingham makes a comeback

IMG_3058The big wheel has returned to Nottingham after a four-year absence, giving people the chance to experience the city from an entirely different perspective.

.With a vantage point of 60 meters the Nottingham Wheel boats unparalleled views of the city and beyond.  This fascinating feat of engineering takes a specialist team of 10 people two weeks to erect.  Each rides lasts around 15 minutes and the wheel has the capacity to seat up to 240 people in its 40 gondolas.

When the wheel was last in Nottingham, it was said to have attracted in around 180,000 visitors to the city centre, with local businesses benefiting from all the extra trade generated as a result.  However  there have been mixed opinions amongst Nottingham people about the temporary installation.

Some Nottingham people have shared their differing opinions on the wheel.  

The Nottingham Wheel is open from 10am-10m every day until the 22nd of February.


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