Prince Harry to visit Nottingham youth project

Prince_Harry_2014Prince Harry is due to visit a Nottingham youth project for the third time since 2013, and will be attending the first screening of a young people’s film.

The Full Effect Youth Project, located in St. Ann’s, Nottingham, works to improve chances for young people and reduce violence through the support of The Royal Foundation.

This is achieved through early intervention of primary and secondary aged children at schools in St. Ann’s, and building a wider support network through different opportunities, such as internships in Nottingham or London.

The second part of the programme aims to train a group of young people as youth leaders, providing them with formal qualifications and apprenticeships in mentoring and leadership.

Prince Harry will view both aspects of the programme by visiting a venue to be announced at the time of his arrival before attending the premiere screening of ‘Guillemot‘ at Cineworld, The Cornerhouse, Nottingham.

‘Guillemot’ is a 30-minute film produced by a group of young people in association with the Latimer Group. The film is based on the real life experiences of the young people involved in the project.


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