Nottingham’s teen pregnancy rate falls by more than 50 per cent

pregnancyNew figures show that the rates of teen pregnancy in Nottingham have fallen by over 50 per cent in the last 17 years, but still putting the city above the national average.


The number of teenagers becoming pregnant in Nottingham has fallen by 24 per cent since 2010. According to new figures around 38 in every 1,000 teenagers aged between 15 and 17 fell pregnant over the last year compared to the national average of 28 in every 1,000.

Nottingham City Council Portfolio Holder for Adults, Commissioning and Health Alex Norris believes schools are key to educating young people.

In addition to the fall in teen pregnancy it was revealed that new statistics also show that HIV cases in Nottingham have fallen from 2.78 per cent to 2.41 per cent per 1,000 of the population among people aged between 15 and 59.

In July 2000 the government released a sex and relationship education guide for schools which aimed to firmly root sex and relationship education into PSHE classes. Despite this sex education is not compulsory in schools across the UK.

To help the rates fall even more the City Council set up a teenage pregnancy plan in 2010/11 which aimed to prevent unplanned teenage pregnancy and support teenage parents.

Jack Grasby who was a teenage father himself thinks his daughter makes his university career worthwhile.



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