Trent Graduate Starts up Creative Workshops for the Blind

OnlineA Nottingham Trent graduate has created sensory workshops for the blind. Based in Cobden Chambers it provides materials to create art.

Leigh Hancock, the 23 year old graduate had volunteered for blind charities before, helping at social and creative events, when the idea came to her.

Sensorlei is a social enterprise that provides creative opportunities and support for people who suffer from sensory deprivation, focusing particularly on visual impairment.

Following the first pilot workshop, Leigh has been listening to feedback before she launches officially. The workshop has materials that engage all the senses, from textured cloths to scented crystals.

Leigh continues “The aim is to really provide a creative outlet for those who are visually impaired, showing how all these different materials can be used and perhaps looking at them differently.”

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