Teenage pregnancies down by 50% in Nottingham

woman-358779_640The number of teenage pregnancies in Nottingham has fallen by 50% since 1998, but the numbers are still higher than the national average.

38 out of every 1000 15 to 17 year old becomes pregnant in Nottingham. This rate, even though half of what it previously was, is still higher than the national average of 28 in every 1000. Nottingham City’s Health and Well-being Board has said they’re committed to lowering the rate of teenage pregnancies in Nottingham still further, whilst also attempting to reduce the number of sexually transmitted infections.

Recent statistics presented by the Health and Well-being Board show that HIV cases have also fallen from 2.78 to 2.41 per 1,000 of the population.

Health leaders and medics who make up the Health and Well-being Board plan to stop the spread of STIs by increasing HIV testing. They also aim to further develop sexual health services, whilst still supporting the provision of Sex and Relationships Education in schools.

Nottingham Teenage Pregnancy Team Website

Nottingham Teenage Pregnancy Team Website

Midwife. Emma Savage, who works for Nottingham’s Teenage Pregnancy Team says that education is key.

For more information about teenage pregnancy in Nottingham visit Best Beginnings  or Teenage Pregnancy Support.

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