Potholes Plaguing Nottinghamshire – is enough being done?

POTHOLE IMAGE SIZEDPotholes are seen as a road user’s worst nightmare causing people great financial, and mechanical woes. But has help come too late?


Potholes are a constant problem in any city and for many road users it can be their worst nightmare when travelling. They can also cause you to empty your pockets by causing damage to wheels, suspension and axles.

Both cars and cyclists are at risk of damaging themselves and their vehicle and many believe it’s the under reporting of potholes that is limiting them getting filled. Pedals, a cycling group in Nottingham believes they should be more of a priority as they effect everyone.


Snow covering a pothole in Clifton

One of the main dangers faced by both cyclists and drivers is the bad weather causing potholes to look less dangerous than they are meaning they are not as avoided and cause more damage.

The highways agency released a statement regarding their responsibility for potholes and what they do to combat them.

In cities such as Nottingham which are heavily populated by students there are much more people driving and cycling on the road which possibly increases the amount of accidents involving potholes.

Potholes are clearly a major problem for almost anyone leaving their house and travelling on a road or pathway and many people believe both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council need to do more to combat the problem. However, with the increased reporting of potholes it looks as if the city is heading in the right direction.

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