UKIP: Nottingham Trent students may affiliate society

UKIPA political society focusing on the policies of UKIP may be affiliated at Nottingham Trent University after it was originally rejected by the students’ union.


The youth wing of UKIP will now be affiliated as an official society if it achieves enough members. The news comes a week after the Nottingham Trent Students’ Union initially voted to reject the approval of its official association.

The union have released a statement saying that in order to become an official society, the society organisers will now have to invite members to join online. A total of 15 students will have to be fully registered for the society to continue.

The UKIP society has been controversial since its first application, with many students asking questions regarding racism and immigration at a question and answer session at the previous Societies’ Assembly held on the city campus.

The university union have said that ‘NTSU students are looking forward to hearing how all of the General Election candidates, including those from UKIP, respond to the aspirations of students in Nottingham outlined at the Nottingham Students’ Manifesto on February 5th.

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