Nottingham Trent University students find burglar stuck inside window

Burglar-image-for-web-2Two students encountered a man dangling upside down from the window of a Nottingham Trent University building during the early hours of 23rd January, on their way home after a night out.

A man who had attempted to break into the University’s Arkwright building, found himself trapped inside a window, suspended 8ft above the ground, for five hours. It was around 2am when students Tom Burdett and Daniel De Niet stumbled upon the intruder.

After taking photographs and video footage on their mobile phones, the pair tried to release the man before calling 999 for help. The fire service then used a saw to cut the man free.

Once he had received a medical examination inside an ambulance, 27 year old Carl Attar was arrested by Nottinghamshire Police. He has since been charged with burglary. He has appeared in court and been remanded in custody until 2nd February.


19 year old witness, Tom Burdett

Tom Burdett recalls, “We did briefly speak to him, and he said he was 27 years old. At that point we thought, he is far too old to be a student. Between laughter, we were just thinking who is this bloke and what is he trying to do.

I ran the perimeter of the building trying to get inside every door that I found. Dan, my flatmate, climbed up onto the ledge beneath him and fell off it, which is quite funny, so we had two walking wounded.”



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