Notts teenager sets up charity to help the homeless

Jordan Image 1A teenager from Sutton-in-Ashfield has created a charitable trust to help those without a home in the Mansfield and Ashfield region.

Jordan Turner, 17, helped found the charitable trust ‘Helping the Homeless’, with a group of volunteers and have already helped many homeless people in Mansfield and Ashfield.

The trust has grown from strength to strength ever since Jordan was moved by seeing a homeless man under a bridge in Mansfield last year.

He helped him by buying him some essential items. Now Jordan has his parents’ garage full of these everyday needs ready to be distributed to those who need it.


Helping the homeless man turned out to be the first stepping stone in creating this charitable trust, and Jordan said that experience made him realise how fortunate he is to have a home.

“It makes you wonder  and realise how lucky you actually are in a house, and then he’s sleeping there, underneath a bridge that does actually flood, so all of his stuff just gets washed away and then he has to start again.”

Since this act of kindness, a Facebook page has been developed which currently has more than 2,800 ‘likes’ from the public .

Group effort

Jordan is not alone however as currently the trust has eleven other founding members, helping to support those in need in their free time.

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