Military history revived in Nottingham

History-Is-Alive-And-WellFrom the battlefields of France to the homefront, military history is a subject of great significance. But how has the recent commemorations, affected people’s interest in Nottingham?

Military history is a subject that sparks many emotions and viewpoints. However, after the recent centenary commemoration of the First World War (1914-1919), and the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, it appears both have helped to renew Nottingham’s interest in one of the biggest aspect of our nations past.

Last August, the ‘Trent to Trenches’ exhibition opened to the public to coincide with the anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War. John Cotterill, a retired member of the British Army, historian and battlefield guide, explains how the project had impact on the public.

It’s not only the exhibitions, battlefield tours and historians that are keeping the memory alive. The few veterans of the worlds most deadliest conflict of the 20th century, the Second World War, still go out to places of battle and remember those who fell, and commemorate the events. Garth Wright, now 95, is one of the few veterans of Dunkirk.

In 1940, members of the British Expeditionary Force, along with their French counterparts, were evacuated from the harbour and beaches in Operation Dynamo. This operation carried out by the admiralty and a flotilla of small ships owned by members of the public, made the perilous trip across the channel, avoiding mines and U-Boats. Garth, spoke about his recollections of the beaches.

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