Spending cuts prompt recruitment freeze in Nottinghamshire police

notts policeNottinghamshire has been one of the top ten forces in the country for recruiting police officers, however it is predicted that there will be seventy fewer officers in the coming year because of annual spending cuts.

From April, the force’s total budget will see savings of £11.5 million, placing many jobs at risk. Of the 2149 officers in the force, around seventy of them are expected to retire over the next year and not be replaced.

Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping plans to recruit specialist staff without full warrant powers on lower rates of pay. It is hoped that by doing this, the services provided to the public will be maintained but will cost less.

Central police station will also be affected by the cuts as it is set to close and move to another location on Maid Marian Way. As a result of rises in inflation, it is understood that tax payers will be expected to pay 1.98 per cent more in order to fund the policing part of council tax bills.






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