Noisy neighbours fined £2k bill.

Palmerston-GardensA woman from St Ann’s in Nottingham has been fined over £2000 for persistently making too much noise. This was over a four month period where the noise disrupted neighbours.

.Tara Street, from Palmerston Gardens, has been fined for five offences after going against a noise abatement notice. Over three months, Ms Street was monitored by the Community Protection’s Pollution Control Team using audio recording equipment.

The team removed her possessions thought to have caused the issue from the property, including two televisions, a games console, a gaming chair with speakers and a hi-fi system.

Councillor Dave Liversidge, Portfolio for Community Safety, Housing and Voluntary Sector believes the fine was a good remedy:

“It sends out a strong message that anti-social behaviour of this nature will not be tolerated and we will pursue those people who show such blatant disregard for their neighbours and wider community.”

Police Community Support Officer Sean Towriess explains why it’s better financially to fine rather than go through the courts:

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