People across the UK flocked to defend Nottingham man from eviction

20150123_104601Hundreds of people from all over the UK gathered outside a home in Carlton to stop Tom Crawford from being evicted from his bungalow.

Mr Crawford, 63, is in the midst of a legal battle with Bradford & Bingley, who claim that he still owes over £43,000 for his mortgage, something he denies as he believes that he has already paid it all.

The homeowner, who suffers from cancer, received the backing of members of the public from all over the country, to stop bailiffs from repossessing his home.

‘Absolutely brilliant’

Six months ago, the public responded in force when Mr Crawford posted a YouTube video detailing his family’s situation regarding mortgage repayment.

As well as this a group Facebook page was also set up to inform the public of Tom’s story.

Today, the public, informed by another home made video, again showed their support by turning up in force for what they regard as justice, for the man who has lived in this bungalow for 27 years. Speaking about the help he has received, Tom said:

 “It’s absolutely brilliant. It gives you a feeling that you are not alone. would say to them thank you, but that is not enough.”

Widespread support

Support from near and afar filled the estate in preparation for the bailiffs arrival. Some people arrived all the way from Bishop Auckland and Leeds to offer their support and to stand up for what they believe is morally right.

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