Nottingham man runs 5k a day for Notts Hospice

wallispic1Nottingham local Andy Wallis has been running five kilometres a day for nearly an entire year as he aims to raise money for Nottinghamshire Hospice.

Andy, a 41-year-old photographer from Broxtowe, started his epic journey on 27th January 2014. He is aiming to run over 2000 kilometres before the same date in 2015 while attempting to raise £5000 for charity.

The charity in question, Nottinghamshire Hospice, is a free-of-charge service that relies on £4 million of donations a year to keep itself running.


Andy has been running 5km every single day since January 27th 2014.

Although Andy doesn’t have any relations currently aided by the Hospice, he does work as an event photographer for them and wanted to do something so he could help out the charity that he has been in connection with for a number of years.

“I was getting demotivated by the personal running that I was doing, so I wanted to challenge myself by doing something that could help raise money for others. I contacted them [Nottinghamshire Hospice] and talked about doing a marathon but I wasn’t too sure on the distance.”

“I wanted to do something impressive, something that people would want to donate to. So that’s when I decided I wanted to run five kilometres every day for a year.”

“Five kilometres fits into a tidy half an hour, which is what everyone recommends as exercise a day and it’s easy to do even when you have a busy schedule.”

In response to his decision to raise funds for Notts Hospice, Andy was sent a mysterious gift in the post from the charity, which turned out to be a jogging egg with his face on it.

Andy's unusual gift from Nottinghamshire Hospice.

Andy’s unusual gift from Nottinghamshire Hospice.

“A box arrived that was for car parts, and I thought ‘I haven’t ordered any car parts’ so I opened it and the egg was in there. It’s a bit mad.”

Richard Owen, who is in charge of Challenges and Community Fundraising at Notts Hospice, spoke about how he is just as delighted as anyone about Andy’s generous contribution.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic that someone would want to come up with a challenge like Andy’s especially dedicating so much time that Andy has to it. Running 5k a day every single day for a whole year – it takes time and effort and dedication for someone to do something like that.”

“It’s brilliant that someone wants to do something of that size for Nottinghamshire Hospice to support us.”

Andy is currently just under £300* away from his target with not long to go until his year deadline. Whether he achieves it or not, the Notts local will be hoping he can make a significant difference to the lives of residents at the hospice.

Hear more about what Richard believes the money will be used for below.

 *at the time of publishing

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