Nottingham Budget Consultation 2015/16

CouncilForWebResidents only have one month left to have their say of where £60 million pounds of cuts should be made in the ‘Budget Consultation’.

. Nottingham City Council are going to lose £60 million pounds of Government funding over the next three years. In order to see where the public feels the necessary cuts should be made, the Council have launched the ‘Budget Consultation 2015/16’.

More than 7,300 people have already had their say on the Council’s website but there is only under a month left.

nottingham_city_council_bannerForWeb The proposals put forward include the controversial scheme of raising Council Tax by 2% and charging those who previously did not have to pay. If this scheme is selected, low income households will be the hardest hit.

Bindyah Patel, 26, receives Council Tax Benefit so does not currently have to pay the full amount however, is outraged by the idea she might soon have to. “The fact the first place the Council look for money is taking it off people, is disgusting.” She said: “My parents work hours and hours every week but they don’t have the money. Where are we supposed to magically find the money from?”

Nottingham has lost five point five percent of funds compared to the one point eight percent national average. Councillor Graham Chapman feels that Northern counties have been picked on and the cut is going to have a big impact:

The final decision will be made at a council meeting on February 27.

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