Miley Cyrus’ set design on show in Nottingham

Miley Cyrus artSurface Gallery and NTU are among the names that are playing host to international art, starring sets from Miley Cyrus, Aaron Paul and Kate Bush.

The pair are currently both showing art and theatre designs that are open to the public during January. Surface Gallery is hosting the International Postcard Show giving established and amateur artists the opportunity to showcase their work in Nottingham.

Nottingham Trent University is hosting work from world renowned theatre designers from across the UK. This includes works from the Olympic Games in London and set design from Miley Cyrus’ recent ‘Bangerz’ tour.

Surface gallery has also had its fair share of success, with International Postcard Show artist Beatrice Margaret having her work chosen to be displayed in new film ‘The Ninth Life of Louis Drax’ featuring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

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Curator of the NTU exhibition, Kate Burnett, says that it’s good for the public to have the opportunity to see a large range of artwork that they is usually displayed across the UK or overseas.

Nottingham Trent student Abbey Wood says that as a theatre design student it was good to see her lecturer, Patrick Connelan’s work on display. Patrick designed the set for the play Taming of the Shrew for Derby Playhouse and having spoken about his work to his students, Abbey said it was good to see the real product in an exhibition.

“Luckily I’d already seen it before I came to university and knew that he was my tutor, so it was nice to see his work from what he’d shown me go into an exhibition.”

Although there has been talk of a resurge in arts as the economy has improved in Nottingham, both the Curator of the NTU show and Surface Gallery artist Beatrice say that art is still a struggling profession; however events like these give them the opportunity to showcase their work.


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