Lethal Bi-Product Kills Father

9352016-largeThe lethal bi-product of party drug MDMA, known as ‘Dr Death’ has claimed the life of Nottingham local, Kevin Brandon, an inquest had heard.

Brandon, a 32 year old father of three, was found to have four times the fatal amount of PMA, a more dangerous form of ecstasy, in his system.

More than ten deaths on New Year’s Eve were attributed to PMA after it was found in a batch of pills called Superman. PMA is a bi-product of anethole, which is now used in making MDMA since the original material used to make it -safrole- is harder to come by due to stricter law enforcement.

Brandon, who died in September 2013, had gone out the night before and was found in the morning by his friend Michael Furniss, who has since been jailed for an unrelated murder. Brandon, who had previously worked as a Chef at a pub in Thurgaton, served two years in prison for manslaughter in 2002.

Many campaigners have called for a change in government drug laws, as safrole is much less harmful than its replacement.

The inquest continues on Tuesday January 20th.


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