Nottinghamshire campaigners protest against Council’s plan to shut down care homes

carehomeA petition of nine thousand signatures opposing Nottinghamshire County Council’s plan to shut six care homes has been revealed.


Nottinghamshire County Council announced the proposed plans in November 2014 due to a budget shortfall of £77,000 over the next three years. 

An estimated two hundred jobs in the social care field alone are under threat, with many more across other areas.

One of the Care Homes that may be shut is Leivers Court in Arnold, which specialises in the care of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It holds 40 residents that would be forced to be relocated if the Council’s plan goes through.

Campaigners have been gathering support since the proposal, with a petition reaching over 9,000 signatures. Many of these people have family members staying in the care homes that are due to close.

One of such campaigners is Natalie Tuckwood, who is upset by the plans.

Pete Watson from Nottinghamshire Unison told the Nottingham Post, that he feels  the council should reconsider.

“We are against cuts full stop, but in this case, we are speaking up for people who might not be able to speak up for themselves.”

The final decision will be made by Nottinghamshire County Council in February.

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