Faith in Families: adoption rates soar

adoption-for-webMore children are being adopted than ever before. Over 5,000 children were placed with families in 2014, a 26 per cent increase from last year.


Faith in Families, a Nottingham based charity, has been doing a lot of work to find families for children in the last year. They believe finding permanent homes for young people is extremely important, and should be top priority for the social care sector.

CEO of the company Sumerjit Ram believes ‘every child should have a parent, no matter their circumstances’. One of the charity’s mottos is to provide stability and security through permanence.

‘Every child should have a parent’ – Sumerjit Ram

Jayne Torvill, the renowned Nottingham ice skater, has recently become the new Patron for Faith in Families. Having adopted two children herself, the charity believes she is the perfect role model.

She attended their New Years party, and sang the praises of the Nottingham organisation. She said: ‘I am thrilled to be the Patron of a Nottingham charity that does such excellent work’The charity is hopeful that a well known star being the figurehead of the charity will increase the rates of adoption in the East Midlands.

Child advocate for Barnardos, and long term foster parent, Clare Fisher, believes adoption is more open for ‘non’ typical parents than it used to be. For example same sex parents and single parents are much more accepted in the decision process. However, she does believe there are still gaps in the system, and there will always be harder to place children, having had personal experience herself.

Claire Fisher, Barnardo’s worker & Foster mum

Despite the obvious challenges adoption services still face, it can’t be denied that this recent rise in adoption is a positive step forward. Hopefully volunteer driven charities such as Faith in Families, can keep driving forward the moto, that every child should have a parent.







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