300 miles of road repair needed in Nottinghamshire

Public unhappy with roadsOne in five residential roads in Nottinghamshire are in need of repairs, the County Council Transport and Highways committee heard earlier this week.


The very wet weather and flooding in previous weeks has continued to damage the surface and foundations of roads, creating more potholes.

It was also reported that almost 1 in 10 of  Nottinghamshire’s B and C roads are in need of repair.

“It was really dangerous to drive” – Maddie Levis

The Transport and Highways Committee reported that millions of pounds need to be spent improving the county’s roads.

In order to put an end to the problem, The Department of Transport says it will allocate £6 billion across the whole of the UK to fill 18 million potholes.

Potholes have been creating havoc in Nottingham.

Potholes have been creating havoc in Nottingham.

Drivers have been warned to take care as potholes can cause serious damage to vehicles. Nottingham resident and frustrated driver, Maddie Levis believes something needs to be done. “The residential roads were awful, they weren’t gritted at all.”

“Something needs to be done because it can really ruin your engine… it was really dangerous and scary to drive.”

Maddie Levis is angry about the state of the roads.

The repairs may come as a shock to some of the city’s residents because £3 million was given to Nottinghamshire in June to repair 60,000 potholes.

The bad weather has ruined many of the county's roads.

The bad weather has ruined many of the county’s roads.

The county council have said these repairs will be the latest in a series which will see more than £11 million pounds spent on Nottinghamshire’s transport and road network.



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