Weather warning issued for Nottingham from Met Office

800px-Clifton_Campus_MMB_01_PeverellThe Met Office has issued a weather warning for Nottingham. There is a chance of hail, sleet and snow due to hit the city as soon as this evening.

The official website has declared that as much as 6cm of snow could fall overnight, which may lead to treacherous ice forming in untreated areas of the city.

A yellow warning has been made public, which means that, although the threat is low, there is still the potential to disrupt travel and emergency services.

weather warning

Nottingham has received a ‘yellow weather warning’ from the Met Office. (Picture: Met Office)

Nottinghamshire last faced snow on Boxing Day, as did the rest of the East Midlands, as nearly four inches fell in certain places. The disruption is not expected to be as severe this time around.

The reaction on twitter to the news has been negative with most people feeling that the hazardous weather could inconvenience their daily schedule. @C_Singlehurst tweeted “Oh dear, here it comes again Notts!”.

There could be more bad news for Nottingham residents as further weather warnings have been issued for Wednesday afternoon, but this time the main issue will be strong winds. Gusts ranging from 50-65 mph have been predicted in Nottingham and could last up to 24 hours.

According to councillor Jane Urquhart, walking could be the most dangerous form of transport due to the dangerous amounts of ice on the pavements if the predicted snow settles.

“Public transport and driving are both vulnerable but in terms of risk to individuals but walking is the most vulnerable because it is something everyone will have to encounter in day-to-day life.”




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