Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham wants to ban large bottles of “high strength, ultra-low priced white ciders”

FullSizeRenderShadow health secretary; Andy Burnham, has announced that he wants to stop shops selling large bottles of cheap ciders to tackle alcoholism in teenagers.

He has said that “These cider products are particularly used by children because of their low price and high strength” and claimed that children can “cobble together” to get hold of the cider.

Alongside this, the Labour party want to bring in a new tax, specifically aimed at cheap ciders, and wants to regulate the minimum number of apples put into cider.

Bringing in sanctions on alcohol could help improve the rate of people admitted to hospital in Nottingham with alcohol related problems. The current rate lies well above the national average of 637 alcohol induced hospital stays per 100,00 people with people in Nottingham at 878.

Carol Jenkins, a manager at a Bargain Booze store in Nottingham has commented on the situation.

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