Nottingham’s Valentine’s Day table booking race

ValentinesValentine’s Day is more than a month away but Nottingham’s most popular restaurants are already more than halfway to being fully booked.

Nottingham’s vibrant dining scene has seen an influx of lovers booking tables earlier than usual, in time for Valentine’s Day. The day of love may not be for weeks yet, but yet a vast amount of the city’s desirable restaurants are more than half way to being fully booked.

Nottinghamshire is viewed as a particularly romantic city, with Clumber Park being highlighted as the perfect setting for love to blossom as couples explore its 3,800 acres. Not to mention a jewel in Nottingham’s crown, Edinstowe, which is the village where Robin Hood and Maid Marian were rumoured to have said their vows.

So if you’re looking for a bite of passion  you may have to book your table quickly in one of Nottingham’s finest eateries.

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